Ensuring accessible and equitable healthcare, especially to underserved communities such as Lawrence, is of the utmost importance.


Frank filed legislation that would level the playing field for community hospitals in Massachusetts who are competing with much larger, privately owned facilities. Currently, hospitals such as Lawrence General Hospital, are not reimbursed at a sustainable rate for the type and the large number of procedures that they perform on a daily basis.


As the federal government attempts to dismantle access to reproductive rights in the United States, Frank has been a strong supporter of the right to choose and has co-sponsored and voted in favor of many critical pieces of legislation to protect Massachusetts from falling backward on this vital issue.  


Frank has been an advocate for the ROE Act to expand reproductive access and remove medically unnecessary healthcare regulations, as well as Safe and Healthy Youth to provide our public schools with a comprehensive and modernized sex education curriculum. Frank has previously voted for the passage of legislation that has expanded contraceptive access, protected access to confidential healthcare information, removed archaic legislative language from our healthcare system, and provided paid family medical leave for employees.